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The Museum is open everyday from 8.00 AM to 12.00 AM and from 13.30 AM to 16.30 AM

Full Price : 200 dinars.
Half price: 100 dinars.
30% reduction for group buying of 10 tickets and more).
Free entry : for youth under 16, persons of more than 65, soldiers of the national service, the handicapped and their companions, the non employed and the social minima.



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Juba II (in Berber language: Yuba win sin or Yuva wis sin) is a Berber king of Mauretania, located in nowadays Algeria. He was born in Hippo (now Annaba) about 52 before J.-C. and died around 23 after christ. His reign began aroune 25 BC, under the Roman tutelage and his capital was Caesarea of ​​Mauritania, present Cherchell.










The archaeological ruins of Cherchell are a valuable heritage.

Many pieces of the museum of Cherchell were discovered by chance or during excavations. The collections, which are now housed in the National Public Museum of the ancient Caesarea, are among the most prestigious in the Maghreb.




After the 1844 earthquake



With the arrival of the French in 1840 in Cherchell and the construction of the colonial city, many objects were discovered and their management was anarchic.
In 1844, the objects discovered during the numerous excavations at Cherchell were stored in a small mosque belonging to the Berkani family. After the destruction of this building during an earthquake in 1846, these objects were transferred to an open gallery in the courtyard of a Moorish-style house occupied by the administrative services.


musee ancien

Une room of the museum just after its building.



In 1853, the municipality decided to destroy the premises and the collections were transferred to another premises located on the street Abdelhak, ex Caesarea. Several invaluable pieces are transported to the Louvre Museum and the Algiers Museum of Antiquities. In 1855, objects were stored at the hotel. Given the importance of the discoveries, the General Governor of Algeria decided to endow the town of Cherchell with a real museum. It was in 1908 that the present museum opened its doors to the public

Architecturally, the museum is built in the Moorish style. It is made up of four galleries closed by bay windows opening onto a patio. It contains collections of mosaics and antique sculpture, funerary stelae and architectural elements, considered among the most prestigious in the Maghreb. .



The entry of the museum.



The patio










The Cherchell Museum is listed on the list of protected national properties in 1981.

It obtains the status of national museum in application of the executive decree number 09-400 of 12 Dhou el Hidja 1430 corresponding to 29 November 2009.


HEADQUARTERS OF THE National Public Museum of Cherchell

National Museum of Cherchell Cherchell- wilaya of Tipaza





The bellombras of the plaza and the facade of the museum in the background.








The museum

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